Videographer frequently asked questions

How Many Weddings have you filmed?

We have filmed over 400 weddings and we plan on shooting hundreds more!

Do you have an extra shooter as backup?

We are a small business Husband and Wife duo (Marlin and Sony) and we both will take good care of you while filming your special day. We have 2 extra second shooters full time working with us in case anything happens + we have partnered with other wedding videographers in others states like MD,PA,NJ,NY,DC just incase we need help or if they need us. 

do i get charged if my big day runs with a delay ?

As experienced wedding videographers we know that most weddings run with a 30-45 minute delay. We do not charge our clients for a delay that occurs during your wedding. However, if you need additional hours beyond 45 mins you may contact the lead videographer to add more hours at a base rate if necessary.

When will my Highlight Film be ready?

Highlights are completed one week after the wedding. Same day edit is available if request. 

When will my final video be ready ?

After we receive all the soundtracks and special editing requests from the couple it will take approximately 3-4 weeks for post-production.


YES, all our packages included full edited ceremony and reception with full speeches and dances.

Can I choose my own music for my video ?

This is where the creative fun begins! Select your song(s) and provide us with any notes to follow while editing your film.  Any song or details to be included in the production are due within 2 weeks of the event.

How do you capture sound?

During the reception, we plug into the DJ's system or band. We always have a backup mic during the ceremony and reception. But during ceremony we mic the groom and priest for our main audio. 

What kind of equipment do you use?

After being in the industry for several years, we consider our equipment top-of-the-line. Without getting into nerdy specifics, our cameras are small enough to be inconspicuous and powerful enough to deliver UHD 4K video, full of color and clarity.

Do you work well with other vendors?

Do you have a business license and insurance ?

We pride ourselves in having awesome relationships with the vendors we've worked with. Photo and video have to work well alongside one another, and we make sure we do our part. 

Yes we do! Our business is registered as SVC FILMS, LLC and we are insured. Should your venue request more details on our insurance please put us in touch with your venue to provide documentation accordingly.

Can I get the Raw footage ?

Yes! Your can get all raw footage anytime after your wedding. We have a basic fees to organize all raw footage of $400 (client provide hard drive)

How do I secure my wedding date with you?

We only request a $1,00 deposit to secure your wedding date and to guarantee that we are not going to book someone else on your date. The deposit will be credited to the balance of your package. The final payment is due 1 week prior the wedding. In the event you have to cancel your booking, the deposit is non-refundable.

How do I sign my contract?

We use DocuSign, so you can sign the contract electronically using your computer, phone or tablet.  Hassle-free!

Which payment methods DO YOU USE?

We accept Zelle, Checks,Paypal or credit card. 

Credit card payments and Paypal are subject to a 3% credit fee.*

How do we provide you with all our requests and notes for our big day? 

25 days before your wedding date we will send you a questionnaire to fill out with all the times and breakdown of events/transitions at your wedding. Clients must complete the form 10 business days before the wedding date to ensure the SVC Films team is prepped on scheduling. 

Any changes or transitions made on the wedding day that have not been communicated with the team on-site are NOT guaranteed to be filmed. Please ensure your wedding coordinator or event planner informs the team onsite of any changes to timing/ events that happen during the day. 

Here are our top FAq's.

We hope the above is useful to you. Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.