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Punya & Jake

Oct 01 2022



Multicultural weddings always inspire me to go all out. I truly love the variety of music, cultural attire and dances especially in Southeastern weddings. As a videographer, I get to live in the moment and enjoy all the emotions and happiness of all my surroundings even while behind the camera. Most of my clients have a vision of how they want me to capture their day but the truth me I have no control over how their day turns out, what I can guarantee is that I will use my creativity and make something unique which 100% of the time they fall in love with their videos ❤️. I’m extremely happy that early in life I found a home in the wedding industry and besides being home with family there’s no other place I’d rather be than filming my couples’ special day. 

Sony Velazquez

Filmed by sony velazquez

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