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About Us

Hello and WELCOME! Planning your wedding is so exciting, and I just want to start by congratulating you on your engagement! This is a beautiful beginning and the first step to your happily ever after. 

I’m Sony, the guy behind the lens and the lead creative at SVC FILMS, LLC and I’m thrilled that you found me! Since I believe that getting to know you is the #1 way to ensure an awesome experience, I’d love to tell you a litte about myself too! Here are a few things you should know:

  • I LOVE to travel, for life adventures and WEDDINGS!

  • I have over 10 years of experience in the wedding industry as videographer.

  • I have a beautiful happy baby boy, Adrian and the most loving person in the world as my wife and my second shooter.

  • Empanadas are our favorite MEAL.

  • Finding the beauty in things has always been my passion, and I found

        its perfect home in recording love stories.

  • I shoot around 30 weddings annually.

  • I love capturing memories for my couples on one of the most important

       days of their lives!

  • I am bilingual! Si hablo Español!!

  • I love to use drones! Especially for cinematic and unique views!!

About Us

The Right Match

Our Philosophy

At SVC Films, We only film one love story at the time. 


As a wedding cinematographer my goal is to make this aspect of your planning process simple and carefree. Understanding the importance of having a videographer that you trust to capture your special day is a crucial part to planning your wedding. Not only will your videographer work closely with you but he or she will ensure you get the beautiful moments you deserve. In choosing a videographer, you want someone that will make you feel comfortable and will offer a seamless experience. Since it is your special day, I want to ensure that you have fun and that  you look as natural as possible to truly reflect your style.


The Process


We like to make sure that every experience with SVC Films is as enjoyable as possible for our clients, and we begin to learn about you from the very start. This ensures that we are a perfect fit before we book. Whether you are most comfortable communicating via email or phone we offer good flexibility to answer any questions.

After booking, the best way we get to know you is through your own customized portal (we create for you) where you outline all of the special features of your wedding and where you identify all the locations we will film. Prior to your wedding, we will have an introductory call to work up an agenda with the day’s most important events. We can then ensure our team is prepared to move equipment, shift locations, and knows when to prepare for any surprises your significant other will have for you.

By the time your wedding day arrives, we will feel more like friends and this will help keep everyone with smiles throughout the day.

Signature  Collections

All our packages start at 3,000

The Basic

The intimate wedding day coverage


• Full event coverage (  Up to 8 hours )

• Filmed in 4K HD 

• Drone Coverage

• 3 Camera with 2 Wireless Mic 
• Primary DP ( Sony Velazquez




• Cinematic Feature film (5 minutes)

• Full edited ceremony 

• Finished films delivered in digital file

• Online private viewing and downloading


The Typical

 Typical wedding day coverage


• Full event coverage (10 hours)

• Filmed in 4K HD 

• Drone Coverage in 4K

• 4 Camera with 3 Wireless Mic 
• Primary DP ( Sony Velazquez

• Associate second videographer



• Cinematic Feature film (7 minutes)

• Social media Reel (60 second)

• Full edited ceremony & Speeches

• Finished films delivered in HD digital file

• Online private viewing and downloading


The Extra

Go Extra!

• Full event coverage (Up to 12 hours )

• Filmed in 4K HD 

• Drone Coverage in 4K

• 4 Camera with Wireless Mic 
• Primary DP ( Sony Velazquez

• Second DP (Associate cinematographer)





• Cinematic Feature film (12 minutes)

• 1-3 minutes Wedding Highlight 

Full length films (20 to 45 minutes )

• Finished films delivered in HD digital file

• Online private viewing and downloading


​Á la Carte

•  $400 - Theatrical Movie Trailer ( Sneak Preview )

•  $600 - Additional Cinematographer

•  $500 Engagement Shoot for Rehearsal Dinner (3 hours)



•  $150 - Social media teaser (up to 1 minute)

•  $200 - Wedding Highlight ( 1 to 4 minutes )

•  $100 - Instagram reel with trending song (30 second) 

•  $600 - Full edited Ceremony/Reception + raw footage

•  $400 - Raw footage in 4K (client provide HD)
•  $200 - Film delivered on engraved USB with custom case 



Pre Production 

Location Scouting

Basic Storyboarding and/or Shot Planning

Post Production & Mastering

-Transferring of files

-Off Line - Rough Cut

-On line editing

-Color Correction / Color Grading

-USB or Link / Design

Cam shots.jpg

Most of  our packages included 4 camera set up

We use 4 cameras only during the ceremony to capture all the different angles without interrupting the moment and avoiding distracting movements by our team. We know how important is to have a quiet and peaceful ceremony.


Drone Scouting!

Yes, We offer drone coverage! We use 4K UHD resolution drone aerial shots to make sure we add a unique cinematic style to your film. Drone footage emphasizes aerial details like the venue, city, and even some shots of the couple while walking down the aisle or leaving the church!

(Some Restrictions Apply)

Wedding Time-line

Communication is key! Right after you book with us we send you a customized portal with a questionnaire containing all the questions we need you to answer. From getting ready, detail shots, locations, church, venue and restrictions. We provide space for you to customize and make sure we are capturing your vision for your wedding day. 3 days before your wedding we schedule a call to go over details.

Shooting Style

Our style is unique, full of color and contrast using natural light and combined spotlight. We don't just focus on epic scenes, but also incredible moments, and we cannot wait to tell your story....


No worries at all on this!

We arrive at least 30 minute before our time starts for location scouting. But in the event that your wedding is

running with a delay, we definitely won’t charge you any extra for the delay. We know things happen and we are there to make smooth transitions. We want you not to worry about anything else other than enjoying your special day to the max.

Editing and Licensed Music

After the wedding we keep in touch while we are editing to make you feel part of the process. We use licensed music at your choice! If there's any mistake in your video we definitely reedit at no extra cost.


Yes we do! Our business is registered as SVC FILMS, LLC and we are insured. Should your venue request more details on our insurance please put us in touch with your venue to provide documentation accordingly.

Screen Shot 2022-01-22 at 8.10_edited.jpg

Thank You

We are so glad you took the time to read through this! At SVC Films, we love weddings but mostly we love couples that are fun, creative, and are absolutely in love. Whether you are getting married this year or the next, reach out anytime! We would love to hear more about your love story and how we could help capture your special day. SVC Films is a family owned business and we like to treat all of our clients like family or at the very least good friends. Check us out on Instagram or shoot us an email! Thank You!

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